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Chief Executive Officer Chairman james Kim
Date of incorporation July 1, 1982
Sales FY 2013 KRW 248.0 bn, FY 2014 KRW 313.9 bn
Number of employees 360 as of 2015

Since its founding in 1964 over 50 years ago, Deokyang has grown up with Korea’s industrial development to be a solid medium-size enterprise, supplying industrial gases to major plants all over the country.

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    Head office and Ulsan 1st plant

  • In 6 areas all over Korea like Yeosu, Seosan, Gunsan and Ulsan, Deokyang is operating 9 plants including Ulsan’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd plants, furnishing various companies with industrial gases such as hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbonic acid, argon and so forth. In particular, Deokyang is the largest hydrogen gas supplier in the nation, supplying to oil, chemical, shipbuilding, electronic, semiconductor, steel, glass, solar companies and more by using 200 tube trailers and pipelines.
  • Liquefied carbonic acid products are produced 660tons/day from Ulsan and Seosan plants, and are supplied to the shipbuilding industry, automobile manufacturers, heavy chemical industry with more reliability and at an economical price.
    Deokyang has acquired 6 patents, one of which is concerning hydrogen storage alloy and has been earned through 2-year co-operation with the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). Deokyang also has been producing highly precise technology mixture gases and standard gases to promote the diversification of line of goods. Particularly, the breathalyzer is only produced by Deokyang in the nation.
    Deokyang has been supplying high-quality products at economical rates to valued consumers as quickly as possible. The quality of product is no less than that of advanced foreign companies.

Address. 35, Cheoyong-ro, Nam-gu, Ulsan (Yeochun-dong) (44781)
Tel. +82-52-270-8500 | Fax. +82-52-270-8599